Sunday, February 20, 2011

Can someone explain why this is in a fourth grade textbook?

Argh, I am beginning to hate school. Public school, private school, it's all the same.

This was in Yasmeen's homework:

The principal keeps a dish of mints on her desk. She offered a piece to
Sebastian when he turned in $3 he found on the playground. Half of
the mints in the bowl had red wrappers. Without looking he grabbed
a piece with a yellow wrapper. His chances of doing that again were 3
out of 23.
Use the information above to write a reasonable description of the
principal’s bowl of mints.

First of all, Sebastian should have given the principal a piece of his mind. With three dollars, he could have bought a whole bag of candy!
Second, this is probability and statistics. When you are 9 years old, you want more than one mint, not to figure out how you got the candy that probably has a yucky flavor anyway. (Banana mint? Bleh!) Probability and statics was a college class for me. I didn't like it then. I still don't.
Finally, why does a 4th grader need to know how to do this?
I wanna beat somebody up.
Who are we competing against? Standardized testing nightmares, designed to put the US students ahead of whom? The Chinese?
I have a number of Asian friends. Still I don't want my kid to be competing against this sort of societal norm, where academics is ranked above family time and being a kid. Humanity and fun is important to me, for me, and especially for Yasmeen.

And if you agree this problem is BS, well, she has about 10 other pages left to do of other homework. And we started at 2:00 this afternoon.

I hate it. I am thinking of homeschooling for our sanity! No child left behind is really NO CHILDHOOD!!!

Yasmeen is not a can of generic peas!!! Click here to see what I mean.

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